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If you feel that a loved one needs a conservator, call our experienced conservatorship lawyers.

Conservators have court-ordered authority and responsibility to manage the affairs of those who can no longer make their own decisions about finances or health care. Often, conservatorships are established for people who are in comas, suffer from advanced Alzheimer's disease, or have other serious illnesses or injuries. The conservatorship process can be complex and time-consuming, and they often require multiple court hearings. The paperwork can also be a hassle because the conservator must keep detailed records and file court papers on a regular basis.
We want you to feel confident that you are in control of the process and that everything is done right, as the law requires. When you engage one of our attorneys to represent you, they will guide you through every step of the conservatorship process.
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K Walter Johnson is a very sincere attorney.

I called to ask if they gave free consultations and he answered all my questions right then over the phone.  I was feeling so sick and scared but he put all my fears at ease.
- Annie O